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Gemstone Collections

Shark Tooth Jewelry

Geode Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry

Onyx Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry

Gemstone Pendant & Necklace

PG3 | 3-Mini-Gem Pendant

IPG12 | CZ Halo Gemstone Pendant

PG33R | Rectangle Gem Pendant

PG23 | Natural Gemstone Pendant

PG8 | PG8-CL
Mini-Gem Circle Or Clover Pendant

PG6S | 6MM Gemstone Pendant

PGHM | Half Moon with Gem Pendant

YGT33R | Rectangle Gem with Tassel

P20G8 | Initial with Birthstone Pendant

IPMP | Italian Imported Pendant

PTDR | Titanium Druzy Pendant

PDR6 | 6MM Druzy Pendant

PG35 | Gemstone Pendant

PGRT | Rectangle Gem Pendant

NCG78 | Gemstone Quartz Necklaces

NCG22 | Gem Choker Double Chain

PG22 | Mini-Gem Pendant Necklace

PGS | Gemstone Sideway Necklace

NSG9 | 9-Gem Short Necklace

NSG | Gem Bead Short Necklace

PG20 | 2-Circle-Gem Lariat Necklace

YSI | 2-Mini-Gem Y-Necklace

PG31 | Mini-Gems Y-Necklace

YTRG | Triangle with Gem Y-Necklace

PGCS | Circle with Gem Y-Necklace

PGC | 1" Circle with Gem Y-Necklace

Irregular Circles with Gem Y-Necklace

PT29G | Triangle with Gem Y-Necklace

PG26 | Mini-Bead Lariat Necklace

YLG11 | YLG6
2-Layers 6MM Gem Necklace

2-Layers Mini-Gem Necklace

2-Circles with Gem Lariat Necklace

LNG2 | 2-Layers Mini-Gem Necklace

Gemstone Quartz Long Necklaces

Gem-Circles Long Necklace

Pearl Clover-Circles Long Necklace

Multiple Color Mini-Gem Necklace

Gemstone Earrings
EG10-COEG10-CO | EG15-CO
E2GE2GEGV11EG11 | EGV11 | PG11
EG20EG20 | ETG20




Gemstone Rings *** Contact us at: [email protected] for inventory availability

4-Teardrop Titanium Druzy Cigar Ring
Style#: RSGCI-4DR

4-Teardrop Druzy Cigar Ring
Style#: RSGCI-4DR

3-Round Titanium Druzy Cigar Ring
Style#: RSGCI-3DR

2-Triangle Titanium Druzy Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-2DR

4-Howlite Cigar Ring
Style#: RSGCI-4HL

Titanium Teardrop Druzy Cigar Ring
Style#: RSGCI-DR

Titanium Oval Druzy Cigar Ring

Titanium Long Druzy Bar Ring
Style#: RTDR-BA

Moon & Star Druzy Cigar Ring
Style#: RSGCI-MS

Kyanite Cigar Ring
Style#: RSGCI-KY

White Druzy Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-WD

Labradorite All Silver Ring
Style#: RGSI-LAB

Oval Titanium Druzy Ring
Style#: RTDR-OV
Color (Top): Gold, Silver

Square Titanium Druzy Ring
Style#: RTDR-SQ
Color: Pink, Blue, Gray, Rainbow

XLarge Irregular Durzy Ring
Style#: RDR-IR-PK
Color: Pink, Blue, Purple

1" Round Druzy Ring
Style#: RDR-RO-Blue
Color: Pink, Blue, Purple

XLarge Oval Pink Druzy
Style#: RDR-PK-XL

Clear Crystal Cluster Ring - RGCI-CC
Clear Crystal Pointy Ring -  RGCI-CP

Gemstone with CZ Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-GZ

Titanium Druzy Cigar Ring

Druzy Rings
Style#: RDR

X-Large Druzy Rings
Style#: RDR-XL

X-Large Druzy Silver Plated Rings
Style#: RDR-XL

Double Druzy Ring
Style#: RDR-M2

Single Rectangle Druzy Ring
Style#: RDRT

Double Druzy Infinity Ring
Style#: RDR2-M2

Double Heart Shaped Druzy Infinity
Style#: RDR2-H2

Triple Druzy Ring
Style#: RDR-M3

Rose Quartz Ring
Style#: RG35-RQ

Slice Agate Rings (Pink, Blue, Brown)
Style#: RGSA

Turquoise Rings
Style#: RGT-BL

Green Turquoise Rings
Style#: RGT-GR

Gemstone Cigar Rings
Style#: RGCI

Natural Amethyst Ring
Style#: RGAM

Geode 24K Gold Plated Rings
Style#: RGEO

White Druzy Ring
Style#" RGWD

Amazonite Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-AMZ

Moonstone Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-MS

Square Lapis Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-LAP

Red Agate Cigar Ring

Onyx Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-ON

Rose Quartz Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-RQ

Green Agate Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-AG-GR

Black Agate Cigar Ring

Brown Agate Cigar Ring

Aqua Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-AQ

Orange Agate Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-AG-OR

Rectangle Lapis Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-LAP

Green Turquoise Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-GT

Blue Turquoise Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-BL

Jasper Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-JA

Labradorite Cigar Ring
Style#: RGCI-LAB

Double Gemstone Bar Ring
Style#: RG11, RG11-IR

Onyx Round Or Square Gemstone Ring
Style#: RGON

Big Gemstone Rings
Style#: RGB

Gemstone Bracelets

BG10 | Gemstone Stretchy Bracelets

BG16 | Big Gem Stretchy Bracelets

BG16R | Big Gem Stretchy Bracelets